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We're aware that some auditors still use old-fashioned paper reports, making it tough for them to share and causing inefficiency. These reports can be complex and hard to navigate. And that's just the tip of the iceberg in their challenges. Our aim is to help auditors conquer these obstacles, allowing them to boost their productivity.


Don't spend major time on minor things.

Jim Rohn Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker


Our Visions

We hold these visions, aiming to enhance your productivity and make your experience truly exceptional

Customer Focused

Being relentlessly customer-focused, tailoring our solutions to meet and exceed the unique needs of every client.


Being the core of our vision, ensuring clients trust our solutions for consistent and dependable results.

Continuous Excellence

Being continuous excellence as the principle, driving us to consistently innovate, improve, and deliver unparalleled solutions.

Adaptive Agility

Being adapted to constantly evolving to swiftly respond to industry changes and user feedback, ensuring our tools remain at the forefront of efficiency and effectiveness for auditors.

Who We Are

With Open Minds

ˈSkejəl was founded by a team of experienced auditors and project managers who were tired of struggling with outdated ways that were not tailored to the unique needs of audit firms.

Your road to success!

That's why we have developed ˈSkejəl - to make your life easier and help you deliver top-notch services to your clients.


With Our Skills and Hard Work

We have created a comprehensive tool that streamlines your workflow. Our innovative project management tool for audit firms goes beyond mere organization — it revolutionizes the way you approach every project.

Therefore audit firms no longer have to spend hours manually organizing data. Our innovative tool does it all for you, whether to track tasks, assign responsibilities, and monitor progress. Embrace a new era of efficiency as you navigate through audits with confidence.


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Committed to providing top-notch solutions for our fellow auditors

Committed to revolutionizing the way you work so you can achieve greater success and efficiency in your business